Hello there, Sadie here!
I want to be a filmmaker. Once, I saw this lady poking a dead fish with a stick. She's up there. Above her is a video I took of water creating a glitter effect in a nearby bay. Oh yea, I currently live in upstate New York where I'm attending college. I'm studying film, among other things. Like computer science! Here's a picture of my pet robot after having just drawn a star: I really like stars, if you didn't notice from the background on my home page. Did you know that we all actually have stardust floating around inside of ourselves?! Cool, huh?! A beautiful little reminder that maybe we are apart something much grander, something beyond the bounds of our realities on Earth *humbled*. This picture of one of my moms pretty much sums it up:

Oh look! I just figured out how to space things out! Maybe everything wont be as jumbled now! I don't know if ou can tell, but I've never made my own website before.

this is my sister/best friend Eloise!

this is a table I made of some of my favorite things:
food animals movies
hummus bees Goodbye to Language (in 3D)
cheese ducks Gummo
charleston chews jellyfish Rear Window

this is my boyfriend/best friend Yashar!

this is a picture of my other mom I found on the internet!

and here's a final video I took of a little sailboat taking off